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Business of the year 2015

Jan 05, 2016 by

Clear My Head was honored to be the SMRCOC's 2015 Business of the Year! 'I was just in shock that we won' said Brenda Stansfield. 'I remember being so excited and surprised that I couldn't focus on all the nice things that were said! Truly an honor!' That event just seemed to kick off more excitement that left the company on a high note as they rang in 2016. 

 Brenda Stansfield and her husband attended 'Pack Expo' in Las Vegas in 2015 to investigate some new machine options for better packaging. They hit a home run with their new blister pack capabilities for their sinus & headache roll-on relief. 'It was important to us to be able to offer our customers options for displaying our products, and of course still being able to ship it fresh' Ms. Stansfield said. 'The new blister pack is a better option for our retail customers that want more product information and an upscale look, while the small box options are still important for those that need a small footprint.' The packaging was so well received that it will be featured in an upcoming article in 'Packaging Digest' in 2016. 

 Clear My Head was also 'discovered' by 'The Grommet' in 2015 and had it's big launch on January 6, 2016. This is great exposure, as only 3% of products submitted are chosen by The Grommet. The Grommet launches 'undiscovered' or 'under-represented' brands and give them national & international exposure. Many retail places look to the site to see what is new and exciting in retail. They also featured Clear My Head's founder with a video 'Maker's Story' and an on-live chat the day of the launch. The video was shot on location at their West Carrollton office and at Cox Arboretum and tells the back story of creating Clear My Head. You can see their 'Maker's Story' and a transcript of the launch at

 Clear My Head manufactures all natural sinus & headache products that are sold in spas, resorts and selected retail establishments. Locally they are available at Dorothy Lane Markets and the Town & Country Kroger location. For more information go to




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